Mobile Tagging


Mobile tagging is the process of strategically connecting digital web content to physical promotional elements such as products, packaging, displays, storefronts, and print. This mobile web content can be accessed with consent of the mobile user wherever it's available by scanning a QR code or touching an NFC tag.



Mobile Tagging in advertising is a new gateway for brands to engage with audiences to deliver specific web content when users interact. The most popular form of Mobile Tagging is the use of QR codes and NFC Tags. Scanning a QR Code or touching an NFC tag with a mobile device is the fastest way to hyperlink the physical message to digital web content, or from 'print to palm'.


Mobile Tagging for Marketers

Mobile Tagging can be utilized in a wide variety of marketing and promotional purposes. Location and context of use should always be considered. Add new life to pre-existing traditional media like print by connecting it with valuable mobile websites. Mobile Tagging creates relevant new mobile advertising catalysts out of older forms of visual marketing by harnessing the power of the mobile web. Acting as a toggle switch between the physical and digital worlds, mobile tagging with QR codes and NFC bridges the gap seamlessly - more so than texting to short codes, mobile search by voice, or even simple URL entry. Mobile Tagging allows marketers to meet customers online - no matter where they are - and move them further down the path to a sale.

Mobile Tagging Applications Include: 

  • Product tags and packaging labels
  • Magazine and newspaper advertising
  • Signage (banners, posters and window decals)
  • Television
  • Direct mail
  • Coupons
  • Stickers
  • Printed flyers, brochures and handouts
  • POP displays
  • Tradeshow materials

 And Much More...

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