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Unprinted stickers with white face material - antenna cannot be seen clearly from front side. Single adhesive (manufacturer's) available. Easy to use in brochures, posters and packages. Will be delivered as unprogrammed/unformatted a.k.a in manufacturer condition. Rewritable thousands of times if you don't lock the chips. Good compatibility with NFC phones but do check IC compatibility in your use case. Stickers can be ordered with B/W printing (serial number, UID) and as programmed (static/variable data). Available write protection mode for the chip: permanent lock.

Technology NFC
Die-cut size (mm) 38
Antenna size (mm) 35
Face material White PP 60
Delivery format Wet inlay
Total memory (bytes) 168
Available memory (bytes) 137/142 (read only)
UID 7 byte
NFC Forum Type Type 2
Operational frequency (MHz) 13,56
Air interface protocol ISO 14 443 A
Reel size (pcs) 2000
Sales code 3002182
Template ID No

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