SmartTouch is an advanced NFC Tags/QR Code tracking and reporting system. Not only does SmartTouch make it easy to integrate NFC Tags/QR Codes into your marketing materials, but it also tracks advanced analytics data for your campaign over time.
SmartTouch reporting allows you to view the scan activity on each NFC Tag/QR Code, including:

  • Total number of touch/scans and unique tap/scans

  • Date and time of each touch/scan

  • Geo-location information with city, state, and country for each touch/scan

  • User device types (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc)

  • Number of scans by device type

  • Graphical View -or- Data View for reporting


Month-to-Month Comparisons

SmartTouch allows you to track the progress and growth of your mobile marketing over time. With month-to-month comparisons, you can see how your campaign is comparing and trending.


Interactive Charts and Graphs

With state-of-the-art online graphing technology, you'll be able to see how your data looks visually. You can scroll over a particular part of the chart and learn more about specific data points.


Geo-Location Statistics and Analytics

See what part of the world (with detail down to the city/state level) your tags/codes are being touched/scanned!


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